Senin, 07 Januari 2008

Items to Own for the Modern Mom

Here is a list of items I recommend and why:

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow-- wonderful for breastfeeding moms and dads will love them too!

2. BabyLegs-- keep your infant's legs warm while wearing a onesie. They have so many uses and styles that you are sure to use them for a long long time, check out their website for more details.

3. Receiving blankets--(about 25 per child) The great thing about receiving blankets is that you can use them for just about anything. We put a folded receiving blanket on top of a medium sheet saver for our daughter to sleep on in our bed so that if she leaks through we don't have to change the sheets for the bed.

4. Sheet Saver-- There are different sizes for different things. If you are using a crib then use the crib size sheet savers, they will save the trouble of washing sheets every time your infant soaks an overnight diaper. If you are co-sleeping, use a cradle size sheet saver with a receiving blanket folded over it for added softness.

5. BumGenius 2.0-- These are cloth diapers made simple! They are one-size pocket diapers which means they grow with your child. You will save tons of money on disposable diapers and your child will be less likely to get diaper rash. These are not only economical, but they are environmentally friendly. With each infant contributing approximately 2 tons of waste in diapers alone (over the duration of time in which they are in diapers)but you can cut that down to your cotton, biodegradable stash of cloth diapers to about 26 diapers total.

6. Pail Liners-- Cloth pail liners are for the cloth diapering mama only, but if you do decide to cloth diaper you will want to large ones for your dirty diaper pail and two small wet bags to carry with you for dirty diapers on the go. The design and size are really up to you, but I strongly suggest two of each!

7. Hooded Towels-- They are so much easier to use than regular towels and they keep baby all cuddly warm for the trip from the bathroom to the changing table.

8. Dresser/Changing Table Combo-- DO NOT BUY A SEPARATE CHANGING TABLE!!! Buying a dresser with an area to attach a changing pad is not only just as good, it's better because when your child outgrows the need for a changing table you will still have a dresser that they can use until they move out (or you decide to buy them new furniture).

9. Hotslings Pouch-- Each parent must find a baby carrier that feels comfortable to them. Mine is the Hotslings pouch. The cloth is soft and stretchy, there is only one piece, no extra anything. There is not hard plastic fastners or buttons or even metal rings. It is comfortable and easy to use, but my favorite thing about the Hotsling is that it keeps my baby close to me while allowing me two free hands! A must buy for the mom who wants to full engage in attachment parenting, but still needs to run errands and take care of business.

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